[Video] How To Build a Graywater System

Imagine that your city is facing a drought. What would you do first? What activities would you need to limit or cut out completely of your daily routine to conserve water? Depending on where you live, you may already have experience in this situation. Water is one of those resources we take for granted even

This DIY Drift Boat Trailer Costs About Half as Much as Buying a New One

Think of What You Can Do With All the Money You’ll Save! An aluminum drift boat is a solid investment. They’re not very expensive, but they’re durable and easy to use. They’re also incredibly versatile. Take them out on the water for fishing or crabbing, or just to float and spend a relaxing afternoon on

This DIY Still Is Surprisingly Easy to Make

There Are Tons of Uses for This Handy Contraption When you think of a still, you may think of distilling alcohol, but that’s just one use for this piece of equipment. In fact, you can also use it to transform salt water into drinking water. How cool is that? We recently discovered an inexpensive and


How To Survive a Nuclear Fallout? Where To Hide.

These Tips Could Just Save Your Life! Just a few decades ago, the threat of a nuclear bomb seemed like a very real possibility, what with tensions between the United States and several other countries, and new technology that made such a damaging bomb possible. This kind of a weapon would do a lot more


Simple Ways To Ensure That The Pond Never Dries Up, Freezes or Gets Algae

If you live on a homestead, you’re surrounded by nature, animals, peace and relaxation. What about a pond? Many of us probably have fond memories that involved a pond such as fishing with a family member, going kayaking, or spending time with friends at summer camp. A pond can provide much more than memories, particularly if

Into The Wild

Read These Reviews Before Buying Another Pair of Hunting Boots!

Your Choice of Boot May Be Key to Your Hunting Success! You need a lot of gear for hunting. This includes not only your weapon of choice, but also all of the related tactical gear and any clothing or other items to help you stay warm and keep you concealed when you’re out in the


5 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off In a Rental Car

We often hear horror stories of people who rent cars only to walk away with an experience akin to something out of a bad comedy. They get stuck with a small vehicle with 5 kids in tow, they get a flat and are stranded because they were told roadside service would be covered and it’s not


Octogenarian Set To Break Appalachian Trail Record

What world record would you want to break? Would it be something involving food, other people or a physical activity? We’d all like to think we can end up in the Guinness Book of Records or a Hall of Fame, but we often put our passions behind for our careers and families. By the time we