4 Ways To Make a DIY Alcohol Stove

As a survivalist or a prepper, there are certain items that you like to have readily available whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or stockpiling for a SHTF event. Along the same lines, one of the most valuable skills is being able to improvise and use the materials available to create a workable product in

Our Ancestors Stayed Healthy By Relying On These Powerful Herbs

These days, whenever we start feeling congested or notice our head beginning to pound, we make a beeline to our medicine cabinet and dig around for a drugstore solution. We’re fortunate enough to have the resources to quickly and easily fight certain ailments. However, the human race hasn’t always been so lucky. Our ancestors used

Make These DIY Air Fresheners For Both Long and Short Term Solutions

Our homes are where we spend a large portion of our time and it’s a place we want to appear warm and inviting. However, it’s never appealing when you walk into your home after a long day at the office only to realize it doesn’t smell great. It could be because you cooked a particularly


Here’s How To Prep Your Children For An Emergency

As a prepper, you’re constantly thinking about the viability and longevity of your stockpile. The contents of that stockpile depend upon what disaster is most likely to happen, your location and who it needs to cater to. If you have children, you obviously have to take into account their needs when prepping. You can have


Here’s What You Need To Keep Happy Bees

If you live on a homestead, then you’re likely to own typical farm animals such as chickens and goats. We think it’s time to step outside of the boundaries and become beekeepers in addition to farm owners. The bee population has started to decline recently so we’re doing a service to both ourselves and the

Into The Wild

5 Cool National Park Hikes You Should Complete This Spring & Summer

One of the most difficult things about spring and summer is when you’re stuck indoors (either for school, work or otherwise) and simply have to watch the beautiful weather pass by day after day. You have to give yourself a balance and spend some time in the fresh air to reset yourself. If hiking is


The Surprising Benefits of Spinach & Why More People Should Be Eating It

What’s your least favorite vegetable? To be honest, vegetables aren’t everyone’s favorite food to eat to begin with so it can be difficult to make sure your body is getting enough of the nutrients they provide. Some of the most commonly disliked vegetables are brussels sprouts, cauliflower and spinach. Spinach, for example, is a vegetable