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This Unexpected Item Could Start a Car Fire

Each time we stepped outside this summer, we were most likely greeted with a wall of heat. The downside of summer is that it brings extreme warmth that can cause everything from wildfires and drought to dehydration and heat stroke. One of the most unpleasant things to experience during summer is the intense hotness that

Here’s How Hurricanes Actually Get Their Names

Depending on where you live, hurricanes may be a routine part of your life, particularly during certain times of year. You know the drill: stockpiling food, boarding up your windows and possibly even evacuating with a fully-packed car. If you’re in a location that seems to be hurricane-prone, then The Weather Channel and other news

2 Safe DIY Ways To View Next Week’s Solar Eclipse

With all of the commotion, city planning and vacation days people are taking on Monday, you would think that there was an exciting holiday or national milestone being celebrated. Instead, everyone is literally going out of their way to ensure they are within a solar eclipse’s path of visibility, despite the eclipse itself only lasting