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Getting Rid of Nuisance Deer

There are many perks to being a homeowner, but one of the biggest annoyances can be dealing with the upkeep of the property. You know what I’m talking about, particularly if you live on a homestead or own a large piece of land. You do your best to keep your yard looking bright and healthy,

Get Rid Of Household Ants For Good

I hate ants. I know that they serve a purpose and they are interesting to watch but when they are in my home that is when I have an issue. There is nothing worse than opening up your pantry to grab some ingredients only to find that there are ants in the cookies, or sugar,

Save Time & Money By Following These 5 Old-Fashioned Tips

These days, we’re programmed to want the latest and greatest in technological innovations whether that’s the newest cell phone, computer or TV. We often forget that those things cost us both time and money. It can simultaneously tie up our bank account and prevent us from doing other necessary tasks. While we’re eternally grateful for the

Check Out This Awesome DIY Watermelon Keg

I was looking for something to build to add a special touch to my end of the year summer party for labor day and I think I have found it! In my reading, I stumbled across pictures of something that is so simple, it’s genius- a watermelon keg! Not only does this super simple DIY project

Banish Raccoons From Any Property With These 7 Tips

Most property owners have had at least one experience with a certain furry, bandit-looking creature that seems to get into everything: the raccoon. Due to their wily tricks, they can end up in your yard, your trash and even your home if you’re not careful. You don’t want to wake up one morning to find