Get Rid Of Household Ants For Good

  • I hate ants. I know that they serve a purpose and they are interesting to watch but when they are in my home that is when I have an issue.

    There is nothing worse than opening up your pantry to grab some ingredients only to find that there are ants in the cookies, or sugar, or cereal. This can also pose a real problem when prepping. Food storage is vital and keeping these little buggers out of your food is all part of the process. Now you could look the other way and simply say “well, it's extra protein.” and while that may be true…to an extent as they are very small, I do not want ants in my food.

    The knee jerk reaction to seeing these creatures in your home may be to call an exterminator, however, why would we pay money for something we can do ourselves that does not include the use of harmful chemicals. Yeah, there is just something about the thought of pesticides around my food that is not as appetizing.

    So I did some digging and found 8 DIY helpful hacks to getting rid of ants for good. Let's take a moment and look them over and see if any of these are right for your home.

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    1. Jay Tilman said:

      Is the next article going to be a list of all the things worse than ants in in the food supply?