U.S. Military Options after North Korean Weapons Test

  • Even though the country has their eyes on Texas and Louisiana as they recover from Hurricane Harvey, North Korea has recently divided our attention yet again. In the wake of a nuclear weapons test this past weekend, the U.S. has been forced to take another look at the options to respond.

    There's no doubt that the majority of the country, along with most other nations around the world, are concerned about the increased frequency at which North Korea and Kim Jong Un are brandishing nuclear weapons. Is it time to respond with something more intense than economic sanctions? That is the question many people are attempting to answer.

    So, let's take a look at the viability of military options the U.S. government has when it comes to North Korea!

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    1. Jonathan Anastas said:

      The US tests weapons all the time

      Ask this ???? Lets make a chart

      How many countries has north Korea bombed vs usa
      Ok how many cillvillians were killed