2 Pioneer Skills That Built our Country Now Making a Huge Comeback

  • It’s our natural tendencies to want the most modern and updated items. We want the newest phones, the newest cars, and the newest gadgets. Society persuades us that we need these items to survive.

    However, sometimes it’s more useful to look to the past. That’s certainly the case when it comes to activities like survival. Pioneers, for example, used certain basic techniques in order to keep themselves healthy and safe in unfavorable conditions and without modern-day technology. There are certain skills we should keep alive from their time.

    Continue on to learn which 2 pioneer skills you should be comfortable with in order to make almost anything you'll need!

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    1. Jeff Stevens said:

      Yeah, you’re mistaken. I have a level made by Stabila that is specifically used for hanging doors that reads both level and plumb. Most levels have two sets of bubble glasses installed in them to read both level ( horizontal ) and Plumb ( vertical ) a (Plumb Bob ) would also be a good indicator for plumb on larger projects and learning the Pythagoras Theorem ( A square + B square = C square ) or 3,4,5. or any variant of that 6,8,10. 12,16,20. etc… would guarantee your projects are square ( 90 degrees )

    2. Mike Scott said:

      Blacksmithing and woodworking if you don’t want to go through the click-bait.