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4 Ingenious DIY Ideas For Chicken Coop’s

Life on a homestead is reliant upon what can be built, make or grow on any property. It’s both a positive and a negative. Self-sufficiency is empowering and more secure since you’re reliant upon fewer outside sources, but it can also be detrimental when your crops, power and other resources do not provide what you need.

How To Make Rice a Staple on a Homestead

Rice is a regular on our plates and in our kitchens. It typically ends up there after we purchase it from our local grocery store. As with most food, we don’t usually consider where it comes from or how it gets to our store. But, as a homesteader, you view food in a different light.

7 Off-Grid Tips To Keep Healthcare Costs Low

Imagine a life that offers a peaceful, rural setting with self-sufficient property and a sustainable, independent energy source. It’s become known as living off the grid. Many people take advantage of this lifestyle by making a conscious effort to save on monthly costs and become separate from any government-run resources. While these benefits are attractive,

How A Shipping Container Can Become The Coolest Off-Grid Home

When you’re considering a move to an off-grid environment, you might think that being technologically-savvy or having a green thumb are some of the most important characteristics for you to possess. After all, you have to feel comfortable with constructing your own power system and planting your own food supply. Instead, creativity and ingenuity may

9 Tips to Get More Eggs From Those Chickens

When compared to winter, summer on a homestead is much preferable. We can soak up the vitamin D we missed during the cold months, rejuvenate the crops and feel more comfortable keeping the animals outdoors. However, depending on your location, summertime can prove difficult for certain animals. Even we can start to feel lethargic and dehydrated

Grow Bananas During Any Type of Winter

Bananas are one of the most common fruits found in households. It seems like whenever we’re in the produce section of the grocery store, we automatically reach for a bunch without thinking twice. Somehow, we’re always able to use them whether we eat them as baked goods, smoothies or on their own. However, we never