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5 DIY Projects That Transform Wood Pallets

Wood is one of those versatile materials that you find on most people’s property. It can store and ship necessities, be the basis for a fire and build a structure. Many people may even be attracted to it for its rustic qualities. Wood can create a range of furniture that you can easily use to decorate your

Follow These Steps To Build A Secure Bunker

When SHTF for whatever reason, our options for staying safe can be limited. Do we have time to evacuate? Is it best for us to remain in our home? What about moving to a bunker or bugging out? These are all questions we have to examine when a crisis strikes our location, particularly if the crisis

Easy DIY Budweiser Bird Feeder

For some people, it seems like a sporting event or the end of a long day always makes you crave a cold beer. We certainly can’t blame you, especially in the heat of the summer. If you’re hosting a party, then there’s no doubt your friends and family will be grabbing a Budweiser left and right

How To Create A Smoke Screen

If you’ve ever been in a crisis situation, whether that be from a natural disaster or in the wilderness, you know how important it is to have the essentials with you. You may have been in the middle of a riot, lost in the woods with night coming or stuck in your home after a

How To Make a Solar Powered Ice Maker

We all love the brighter, sunnier days and outdoor activities that come with summer. However, we love the heat much less. Not only can the hot temperatures be uncomfortable, but they can turn into a health nightmare, causing dehydration and heat stroke. So, the preferable way to cool off in the summer is either via

Quickly Create a Survival Fish Hook From a Soda Can

As you step out of your camping tent after a night in the wilderness, you realize your food supply has been stolen by a sneaky animal, possibly a bear. Since you’re going to need food sooner or later during the rest of your outdoor adventure, you begin to panic. Hunger was not a planned part