Think Twice Before Believing These 5 Survival “Tips”

  • Throughout history, we can read account after account of people who went to great lengths to prepare and accounts of those who did not. In fact, recently there was an account of a man who put a large air tube around his house in the event of massive rains that were said to be headed his way and even as others scoffed at his paranoia his property was saved and his family was saved as his neighbor’s houses flooded and their possessions lost.

    But how do we separate the good advice from the bad? The legit tips and tricks from the ones that are just plain silly? How do we know what will really happen?

    To give you a better idea of what to expect, go over to the next page and read up on a more down to Earth view of what will happen once the grid goes down.


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    1. Matthew Unger said:

      Some of it makes sense, but the stuff about not worrying about “the golden horde” makes me nervous. Be prepared for as many types of emergency situations as possible. The author then contradicts himself in saying that if there are looters, they can do whatever they want, but there will always be law and order. WTF? You can’t have it both ways. I say prepare for the worst, and if that scenario never occurs, then better for you. Not being prepared or prepared enough is almost as bad as not being prepared at all.

    2. Jay Tilman said:

      Ugh..thanks for the warning…. I can’t stand people who talk both sides of a point like they disagree with it…. and agree with it .. .. some times in the same sentence.. ( I have known people in real life that do that..)

    3. Matthew Unger said:

      Jay Tilman Every source thinks they have the final word on how to prep and what to do or not do. Every bit of advice is not going to fit everyone’s situation. Everyone has to decide for themselves what their situation calls for, and prepare for what they believe will be the most critical crisis.