The Ways We Utilize Our Land May Not be Up To Us But To The Government

  • The struggle between the government and the people is a story that has a long history not just on our land but throughout the world. How far should the government regulation be able to extend?

    It seems that as the years go by the regulations meant “to keep everyone safe and keep everything fair” are starting to go a bit to far! 

    The federal EPA, for instance, has both fined and prosecuted people for altering what amounts to a drainage ditch, using the notion that eventually, even a drainage ditch spills into some waterway, making it the EPA's  jurisdiction.

    While undoubtedly those pushing this type of regulatory oversight have good intentions, their strict application of the underwriting law has literally caused millions of dollars, immense worry and anxiety – for not treating a ditch the way a bureaucrat thinks are best.

    This issue goes beyond what most people think so keep reading to find out how. 

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    1. Diane Dodge said:

      Government overreach is destroying the country. The EPA has a large number of employees watching porn during their work day by their own admissions. Even after being caught they’re not fired… wrong!

    2. Rocky Denno said:

      For sure, you need a permit to do anything now days. Most places you are NOT allowed to even urinate in your backyard.

    3. Rhona Field said:

      This made me think of our city code enforcement. It’s at all levels of government

    4. Forrest Smouse said:

      You think you own your property. Don’t pay the demanded taxes on it and see what happens!

    5. Michael Sherlock said:

      No$#%&!@*you still pay a property tax for land that you own.. so in reality the land is still not yours.

    6. Ann Engel said:

      Considering the government is not allowed to own any land…

    7. Tawny Schlienz said:

      The government can’t own land? So everyone that’s in the government are squatters? Somebody needs to kick em outa their houses.

    8. Samuel Adams said:

      Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 of the Constitution clearly states the limits of the Federal Government owning land. None of it has to do with parks of any sort. It is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to have national parks, grazing land, etc… Forts, ports magazines, etc.. with approval of the states. Territories and 10 sq. miles of D.C. are the only lands the fed. govt. can own. Once a territory, or a part thereof becomes a state, it enjoys the rights as do the other states. People need to take a stand and take back their country.

    9. Lisa Moore said:

      If someone is on Medicaid or was in nursing home it is taken.

    10. John Throgmorton said:

      The title of this article makes me not want to read it. “Our Land”….There is no “Our land”…not even BLM. Never was. Do you jointly have a deed with others to it? No? Then your$#%&!@*out of luck…go cry and blame the government for your problems.

    11. Missy Ann Chavers said:

      we never own our land as we have to pay taxes every year and if we don’t they take it anyway