Getting Rid of Nuisance Deer

  • There are many perks to being a homeowner, but one of the biggest annoyances can be dealing with the upkeep of the property. You know what I'm talking about, particularly if you live on a homestead or own a large piece of land. You do your best to keep your yard looking bright and healthy, because at the end of the day, curb appeal is everything. No one wants to pull into their driveway orĀ glance out their windows only to see their hard work has been disturbed by animals or weather.

    Deer are one of the many animals that can help themselves to your flourishing yard. Instead of getting frustrated when you see a half-eaten flowerbed, you can employ a few different methods to keep deer at bay. They're all humane and effective!

    So, let's take a look at the best ways to prevent deer from destroying your plants!

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    1. Johnnie Torres II said:

      Nuisance deer? They’re not the invasive species, we are. Thinking we can do whatever the hell we want to animals is the basis of all animal abuse, from the seemingly benign to the morbid.

    2. Kaci Pharris said:

      OMG we are NOT an “invasive species”. We are on this Earth just like they are. We have to grow food as well. We can’t ALL live in big nasty cities!

    3. Brandon Brennan said:

      If a deer(AKA Venison!) Is close enuff to be a pest? I can guarantee a hanging weight of……