What We Can Learn About Preparedness From Hurricane Harvey

  • Recently the United States has faced devastation that we have not seen since Hurricane Katrina. With violent winds and devastating rain, Hurricane Harvey wrecked Texas leaving nothing more than rising flood waters and little else. It was apparent soon after that no matter where we lived, or how prepared people were, this storm and its aftermath would pose a monumental challenge for weeks if not months to come.

    With Texans stranded and emergency shelters filled to capacity, the situation is extremely dire no matter which direction you look. For most, everything is lost. Cars, homes, belongings and in the worst of cases…family members and loved ones. The rebuilding is going to take years.

    We talk a lot on this page about DIY survival because while we would like to think that our government or various charity organizations are going to help out it's always good to do what you can do to prepare yourself.

    While the full scale of this disaster is just unfolding, on the next page, we detail why everyone has to be prepared, for at least a week, if not for significantly longer.

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    1. Charles Pool said:

      Nothing we didn’t learn anything from Katrina and we still haven’t