This Vegetable Can Be Used as Livestock Feed

  • Life on a homestead can be rewarding, yet challenging. You find yourself having to search for alternative and low-cost ways to live self-sufficiently. However, once you're able to find a solution, you feel a sense of well-deserved accomplishment. You don't have to rely upon another source for your day to day needs.

    A part of your independence comes from owning livestock. They require plenty of attention and care just as your crops do. Feeding them can get expensive so why not look for a way to make their food using your own land? You're likely growing food for yourself so with a little extra effort, you can feed your livestock as well and add to your sustainability. It's cost-effective and much more convenient than having to purchase the food from a retailer.

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    1. Umlaut Schwa said:

      And then you can massacre your livestock *in* your garden what for to fertilize the plants and such. #cirlceoflife

    2. Lynda DoughertyKelly said:

      I don’t know about massacre. However, humanely harvest, or ethically euthanize. Maybe those words would be less inflammatory

    3. Robert Baker said:

      One of our goals for next production season will be allotting acreage to plant for the goats – solflowers, radishes, beets.