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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Harvey: How To Prep For a Flood

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Harvey: How To Prep For a Flood

As the rest of the country watches Texas and Louisiana begin to recover from Hurricane Harvey, we are reminded of the devastation a natural disaster can cause. Unfortunately, none of us can control storms like Harvey and mitigate its impact. However, we can ensure that our lives and the lives of our loved ones are

U.S. Military Options after North Korean Weapons Test

Even though the country has their eyes on Texas and Louisiana as they recover from Hurricane Harvey, North Korea has recently divided our attention yet again. In the wake of a nuclear weapons test this past weekend, the U.S. has been forced to take another look at the options to respond. There’s no doubt that the majority

The Danger of Hurricane Irma

As summertime begins to dwindle, it’s leaving behind warm days and plenty of sunshine. Those favorites are replaced by the peak of hurricane season. If you live anywhere near the East Coast of the country, then you’re probably aware that Hurricane Irma has its eye on the U.S. Its appearance on weather radars has been

How To Evacuate Pets in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are frightening and horrific enough. We risk losing our homes, our possessions and what we deem as “normal” life. The thought of losing family members is additionally scary. You wouldn’t even consider leaving a family member behind in your home as you evacuated and the same should go for your beloved furry family members. Fortunately,

Keep an Eye Out For Hurricane Irma

This time of year is difficult for people who live in states and nations that border the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane season is no joke and it’s only natural to count your lucky stars whenever you get through another year without a major storm hitting you. As Houston and other parts

What We Can Learn About Preparedness From Hurricane Harvey

Recently the United States has faced devastation that we have not seen since Hurricane Katrina. With violent winds and devastating rain, Hurricane Harvey wrecked Texas leaving nothing more than rising flood waters and little else. It was apparent soon after that no matter where we lived, or how prepared people were, this storm and its aftermath

6 Natural Treatments To Heal Spider Bites

Whether we like it or not, we can come across spiders in many different scenarios. Unlike a bear or wolf, we don’t have to venture into the wilderness to be in their path. They enter our homes, our cars and many other places we’d rather they stay away from. Unfortunately, their lurking has caused us to deal