“Land of the Free” but Are We Really? New Study Reveals Which States are the “Freest”

  • The world is changing at a rapid pace. We are all looking for that one place that we can settle down and feel safe and secure. A place where our rights are put first and our freedoms are protectedbut with the way that the world is right now how can we be sure of where that is.

    Well, last year  the Cato Institute published its analysis of America’s “freest” states.

    While we want to think that America as a whole is free, and it certinaly is however, there are some states that allow more rights to its people than others. In fact, some of these states may surprise you. For example New Hampshire ranked at the top while states like New York and California ranked the lowest.

    So, what exactly does “freest” mean?

    Is it a low tax burden, low regulations or lots of open space? How about daily, mundane stuff – like can you build things without getting a permit to do so or can you open carry?

    Cato Institute, a think tank, focused their study on  “economic and personal freedom,” primarily in the areas of taxes, gun laws and choice of education. They considered over 100 variables in all, but the main focus, per their press release, are the three mentioned above.

    So what did Cato decided? Keep reading to find out which states are in fact the “freest.” 

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    1. Mark McIntyre said:

      Our government, in the name of safety, environment, or something that is supposed to help you continues to daily erode our freedoms. It is supposed to be “better”, and nearly always costs you more money and freedom……. Limit our government…..

    2. Sandie Payne said:

      not free as long as muslims are in this country…e are so afraid of insulting them we are losing everything

    3. Mon Fill said:

      “Eminent Domain”, “Patriot Act”, “NDA Act”, “Asset Forfeiture”……..My fellow American Citizens, do you really think that you have any rights at all here in America??? Nothing but “legalized” mobs(Police/US Federal Domestic Terrorist Corporation(AKA: US Federal Government)) that can legally take you and your belongings!!!!!!!! Please DO NOT believe me……look this stuff up and educate yourselves!!!!!

    4. Jerry Sherman said:

      With all these scumbag Muslims in our country we are not free,they are

    5. Michael Sullivan said:

      We are not free as long as these fucking retarded$#%&!@*demorats and republicunts are still running everything they both have an agenda of power and control in some fashion time to rid ourselves of both these disgusting human beings let’s just try freedom for a change with simple guidelines for government to follow and minimize their reach and power o wait we have that they both just never follow it. Lmao$#%&!@*democrats and republicans

    6. Ralph Hanley said:

      Cato institute?
      Originally known as the Charles Koch foundation?
      Maybe a less misleading title would be:
      “Which states do the koch brothers like the best?”

    7. Ralph Hanley said:

      I’m a Republican, I just dislike the influence of myopic billionaires influencing policy for capital gains.

      We should be more educated than this.

    8. Joe Day said:

      Land of the free is getting to be more and more of a misnomer each passing year.

    9. Steve Greeno said:

      HELL NO. petro co.s big pharm and Insurance co’s run everything. we are hostages no doubt…!

    10. Marcus Douglas said:

      I haven’t felt safe in over two decades. I have seen, and heard much as many of you. It is, as I have said before, Time For Americans To Come, And Stand Together.

    11. Wynn Musser said:

      Strictly in terms of government restriction the entire nation has had significant losses if freedom in the last fifty years!

    12. Andress Coronel said:

      For a third worlder you are so free, for a white American not, because if he complains about non whites that’s “racist” so you are not free anymore, you can’t complain about inmigrants because that’s “racist” you can’t build a wall cause that’s “racist” if you fart next to a mexican then you wanted to “kill” him because you are ” ra ist”

    13. Debbie said:

      What about the rest of the country???