Must-See Photos of the International Space Station During Last Week’s Solar Eclipse

  • The entire U.S. took August 21st to enjoy a rare solar eclipse that made it’s way across the country. Hundreds upon thousands of people flocked to certain states that had bragging rights about being home to the Path of Totality where a total eclipse was visible.

    Whether you stopped your day to actually view the eclipse or not, we can all agree that it’s an incredible sight. Afterwards, you couldn’t go online or scroll through your favorite social media outlets without seeing photo after photo of the eclipse. However, there’s one view you may have missed.

    The International Space Station (ISS) was also captured crossing in front of the sun during the eclipse. It’s something most of us wouldn’t even know to look for. Luckily, one videographer captured this magic for us.

    Continue on to read about how the photos were taken and to see how small the ISS looks against the sun!

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