Lessons Learned From Hurricane Harvey: How To Prep For a Flood

  • As the rest of the country watches Texas and Louisiana begin to recover from Hurricane Harvey, we are reminded of the devastation a natural disaster can cause. Unfortunately, none of us can control storms like Harvey and mitigate its impact. However, we can ensure that our lives and the lives of our loved ones are saved by planning ahead and making smart decisions.

    Harvey is just the latest storm to cause destruction. People have not only lost their homes and their possessions, but they've also lost their lives. We can learn from all of the horror to minimize the chances that such damage can be caused to another state, particularly as we watch Hurricane Irma strengthen in the Atlantic Ocean.

    You might not be in a location where hurricanes are likely to hit, but lessons learned from Harvey and the incredible amount of flooding can be applied to any natural disaster. The same rules apply: learn to stockpile and store supplies properly, devise an escape plan and evacuation route, secure your home and plan early.

    Since we're in the middle of hurricane season, continue on to learn how to prep for a storm like Hurricane Harvey!

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