Incredible Skills Native Americans Used To Survive The Cold May Help In Any Survival Situation!

  • If an emergency occurs in the winter, these skills the Native Americans used just might save your life!

    Many of us have stockpiles of food and water and we think we are ready for anything. However, what if the power goes out during a harsh winter and gets really cold? Or what if it isn't safe to stay home so you have to bug out when there is snow? This is when you need to know how to stay warm during the winter.

    Most of us are so used to our central heating, furnaces and other ways to stay warm that we often don't think about how we would survive without them. This makes us think about how the Native Americans did it. After all, they had to survive outside during all types of harsh weather including the bitter cold of winter.If you remember and use the skills that they did, you will be better prepared for a winter emergency!

    We Have Gathered The Skills  The Native American Used To Help Them Survive The Winter And They Can Be Found On The Next Page.

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    4. Josh Coyle said:

      Yeah…I was gonna say maybe ” Learn from the Natives” would be a bit better….

    5. Ross Heard said:

      Plenty of books on edible and medicinal plants out there. In some areas many contain how the Natives survived. Attend gatherings and seek out Elders.

    6. James Howard Tennyson said:

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