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4 of The Most Isolated Towns In The World

So you wanna go where everybody knows your name…then check these out. In a society that is increasingly chaotic, there are still places you can go where the sound is minimal, technology does not exist in the manner we see now and where it may take an hour or so to find the nearest grocer.

Keep An Eye Out For These Summertime Dangers

The main reason most of tolerate the winter is because we know that the warmth and sunny days of summer will come back to us soon enough. It’s a season filled with Vitamin D, beach activities and outdoor treks. There is a summertime catch, though. It comes in the form of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and

Stay Safe From The POW Virus!

When we’re setting out on a nature hike or a camping expedition, we’re not thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. In the backs of our minds, we might be slightly concerned about coming face to face with a bear or fending off a rainstorm, but other than that, we’re more focused

Toads are Invading The South

With sweltering heat and mosquitos the size of small birds it’s not as if the south didn’t have enough issues but now they are dealing with a new kind of invasive pest…frogs!  Between the alligators, the humidity and now toads it’s a wonder anyone still lives here. Growing up in the south I remember many