This Life Hack Has Been Around For Ages & It Works Perfectly

  • There are some life hacks that make you wonder why we didn't think of things sooner. So often we buy into the commercials that scream out at us with their perfectly clean homes and people who hardly lift a finger to get it done….but only if you buy their product of course.

    If you have kids or a hectic lifestyle then you know the importance of saving money wherever you can.  That is why this short trick is perfect!

    We all know how handy Lysol Wipes can be. I got to the point where I was buying in bulk at Costco simply because I used them so much. I had one in each bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in each car and one in the workshop! That's a lot of money for wipes! I was so excited to find this life hack and honestly, I have saved so much money because of it. This trick shows us how to make them with just a few easy steps. Instead of paying $5.00 – $8.00 for a few, weak wipes you can easily make them and have an endless supply on hand for those times when life get’s a little messy.

    The best part about this DIY trick is that you probably already have the supplies to make them on your kitchen counter.

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