Stay Fit Without The Gym By Trying These 10 Things Borrowed From Our Grandparents

  • At one point or another, we’ve all wrestled with that internal struggle over whether or not to workout. We know it’s the best for our bodies and our overall health, but when we compare an exhausting run to a Netflix marathon, we know which one always wins.

    Instead of constantly beating ourselves up over avoiding the gym, we can make small changes in our daily lives to keep ourselves in shape without the cost and commute that a gym membership requires. Our grandparents have already taught us how to do so!

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    1. Melody Smith said:

      Love this and try to do these things all the time. Number 10 is right on. Hardly ever say no to anything Karolye wants to do and would be the same with Malkin!

    2. Andrew Herring said:

      While I do go to the gym, I also have a tried and true system where I do calisthenics, yoga and kettlebell lifting. I’m only working the gym because I want to increase my size, but being able to do heavy weight for single lifts has little appeal or practical use to me.

    3. Mark Smith said:

      How about work. You know that thing people used to do to earn money before the government took over. Chop down a tree, dig up a stump, swing a hammer, drag a deer home for dinner…..