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4 of The Most Isolated Towns In The World

So you wanna go where everybody knows your name…then check these out. In a society that is increasingly chaotic, there are still places you can go where the sound is minimal, technology does not exist in the manner we see now and where it may take an hour or so to find the nearest grocer.

10 of The Biggest Renovating Mistakes

Without fail every spring and summer as the temperatures so do man’s desire to repair and renovate almost every aspect of their homes.  I believe this to be ingrained in our systems, just as a pregnant woman “nests” right before a child is born with every spring comes the desire for change. While the desire

Toads are Invading The South

With sweltering heat and mosquitos the size of small birds it’s not as if the south didn’t have enough issues but now they are dealing with a new kind of invasive pest…frogs!  Between the alligators, the humidity and now toads it’s a wonder anyone still lives here. Growing up in the south I remember many

7 Things to Scavange From Cars After SHTF

We have seen news stories of natural disasters that wreak havoc on cities all over the world. Couple this with the threat of increasing temperatures and the current political climate we must make sure we are prepared for anything. While we may not always have exactly what we need exactly when we need it we should

4 Simple Steps to a DIY Charcoal Chimney

Everyone loves grilling yet sometimes getting that fire started can be a hassle. I cannot tell you how many times even this summer we have gone to start a fire in the fire pit and we were out of lighter fluid or went to grill and couldn’t find the charcoal starter so a friend of

4 Dangerous Things We Should Let Kids Do

Children are amazingly inquisitive creatures who always seem to find the most dangerous way to do the most dangerous things. As a parent, this sends our heart and our anxiety levels into over drive as we hurriedly try and shield our children from any danger that may befall them. While this is great and we should protect