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Making a Diy 55 Gallon Barrel Chair With Radioactive Design

Lately, I have been somewhat fascinated with the varying projects that utilize old drum barrels. It seems there is so much that one can do with this leftover material that the possibilities are virtually endless. The projects that one can accomplish with drum barrels can be utilized for many different purposes. It doesn’t matter if

Quiet Down That Generator With a Way that Actually Works.

Relying on the grid leaves us with a few potential risks. The one we are focusing on however is power outages. During the summer they are inevitable more than ever due to rising heat temperatures and varying storms that come our way. Generators can be a life saver should the power fail for more than

The Duct Tape Tool Everyone Needs At All Times

One of the best words of advice I ever received was to always have duct tape within arms reach. Duct tape comes in handy in so many situations, but sometimes those situations arise when you don’t have access to this end-all-be-all item that seems to fix just about anything. Instead of having to suffer through broken

Building a Wooden Alternator

Remaining self-sufficient and safe in any situation is at the core of everything that we do. Preparations are a must and nothing must be overlooked. Having a good stockpile, making sure you are protecting yourself and researching alternative sources of power are all top priority before an SHTF scenario. Thankfully in this day and age, technology allows

4 DIY Items That Will Bring Out The Covert Ops in Everyone

Let’s face it, spy stuff is just cool. Honestly, I blame James Bond for the world’s obsession with spy gadgets but in today’s ever changing political climate those ideas can actually come in handy! Sure some of them take a little more DIY expertise than others but the ones that we have found can be accomplished

This Fun Backyard Project Will Get Everyone Talking

The moment I stumbled across this project I knew I had to put it on my to do list! Thankfully the instructions were simple enough to understand that virtually anyone with any kind of DIY experience should be able to accomplish this. This is one of those things that is fun no matter what time