In Some States Kids Can Now Be Fined For Mowing Grass for Profit With No Permit

  • It seems that gone are the days where you could hire your neighbor's entrepreneurial go-getter of a child to cut your grass in exchange for money.

    Now that summer is here it seems that it is almost a right of passage for the business minded child or teen to create flyers offering their services to help neighbors mow their lawn. Heck, it just isn't summer without the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, but that may all soon change.

    It seems that there are sections of this country that feel those kids should have a permit before mowing one blade of grass in exchange for money. As crazy as it sounds it's true. so let's look at the details of this new way of thinking and see if it will soon be affecting your area.

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    1. Bruce Nash said:

      If this isn’t already in Oregon, I bet that Governor Brown has it on her desk to sigh. She is taxing the people in Oregon to the breaking point. She won’t deal with a budget and hasn’t seen a tax she didn’t love.

    2. Steve Piersol said:

      Destroying initiative to create compliance. Government doesn’t really care about safety [ a common excuse] or the money. What they care about is making certain that people don’t develop the notion that they can function outside of the constraints of government control.

    3. Adam Bieber said:

      Not if it’s a hobby and they get tips that equate to less than ( I believe) $1200

    4. Dru Martin said:

      Or when too many prudes get involved with an ambitious kid trying to make a buck.