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What We Can Learn About Preparedness From Hurricane Harvey

What We Can Learn About Preparedness From Hurricane Harvey

Recently the United States has faced devastation that we have not seen since Hurricane Katrina. With violent winds and devastating rain, Hurricane Harvey wrecked Texas leaving nothing more than rising flood waters and little else. It was apparent soon after that no matter where we lived, or how prepared people were, this storm and its aftermath

This Compact Survival Item Is A Favorite Among Many

There are many things to think about when it comes to survival. Water, shelter, food and of course protection. Many tend to focus on the first three, which is a good thing but when it comes to the fourth, there’s a large population of the United States that lacks in that area. Many feel that

Get Rid Of Household Ants For Good

I hate ants. I know that they serve a purpose and they are interesting to watch but when they are in my home that is when I have an issue. There is nothing worse than opening up your pantry to grab some ingredients only to find that there are ants in the cookies, or sugar,

Trump Lifting Military Gear Ban For Local Officers

What some are calling a controversial move by the Trump administration others are calling a life-saving decision for the¬†men and women who serve as police officers protecting the streets of our nation. In 2015 then President Barack Obama issued an executive order that halted the transfer of surplus gear from our nations’ military to any

Drone Catches Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

All eyes are on Texas right now it’s not pretty. The destruction Hurricane Harvey unleashed on the residents of The Lonestar State showed just how much wrath mother nature can unleash. There is not a news station in the United States that does not have round the clock reports on the aftermath. Even days after

Florida Firefighter Catches a 409 Pound Grouper

There are some things that you just have to see to believe. Every year hundreds of thousands of people flock to the water in hopes of erasing the stress of the work week, catching some fish and avoiding adulthood for just a few hours before they are faced with it again. Then there are those