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Building Low Cost Solar Panels That Actually Work

While Tesla has cornered the market on all things related to energy efficiency there are still some options for those who cannot or refuse to shell out large amounts of money to a corporation when they can simply do it themselves. I will admit that when I came across the plans for building DIY solar

10 Inventions That Make Us Scream “Take My Money”

I am all about working. Hard work is something that was taught to me at a very early age. My father came from a coal mining family from West Virginia so everything they had, it was worked hard for. They didn’t throw things away simply because they were a little worn or outdated they simply fixed

DIY Camping Bucket Lights

For this particular project, we are utilizing two-gallon buckets. I am sure you can adjust this as needed however for sake of argument we are going with the smaller version. The reason I love this project is that it’s not only a creative way to use buckets but it’s a great way to add some light

How to Make Lye From Wood Ashes

In the DIY community, self-sufficiency is key! Sodium hydroxide or Lye is a chemical made from wood ash or salt. For this particular use, we are looking at how to make it with wood ash. Making Lye is one way of introducing a little more self-sufficiency into everyday life and it also makes for a

Transform Old Drill Bits Into This Epic Survival Item

Stop tossing away old drill bits! Check Out How You Can Recycle Them Into Useful Tools! Forging your own whittling knives may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an incredible process that can be completed in your own back yard. With all of the proper tools, forging knives takes patience and time. But the