Storing Milk for the Survial The Surprising Ways It Can Be Done

  • The great milk debate is one that is around homesteading and survival circles and there is much to be discussed. As a survivalist, we are often focused on stockpiling the right items in the right quantity without wasting money. We need items that are versatile and long-lasting since we could need them at any moment and we don’t know how long an unexpected crisis could last.

    Needless to say, milk is not something that many people consider something they would be able to salvage. However, milk is an item that is both versatile and long lasting. It seems like such an odd choice because we often come across milk that has gone bad in our own refrigerators so how on earth would be we able to make it last as a survival food? Turns out, there are actually several ways to preserve and use milk when you’re in survival mode!

    Let’s take a look at different ways we can preserve milk at home!

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    1. Wade Slattery said:

      You guys pray for civil war and ruin hoping you can live in your own little world unscathed but the facts is you’ll most likely be killed within the first few days and all the$#%&!@*ya hoarded will be ransacked by the droves.. what a stupid thing to pray for.