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If Nuclear War Breaks Out Here Are The Safest Places To Be

If Nuclear War Breaks Out Here Are The Safest Places To Be

North Korea always seems to be on the brink of starting the next great war. Their threats are never ceasing and now with the increased weapons testing and plans on hitting the US, they seem more focused now than ever on removing the world’s leading superpower. While many shrug this off as nothing more than the rhetoric

Building A Pergola: A How To Guide

Pergola’s are an interesting architectural design. One has to wonder, why were they built to begin with as with? They have no real walls, doors or windows so it seems their use is severely limited, yet they show up in countless backyards, front yards, around homes and businesses. It seems that their popularity while in all

Now That The Eclipse Is Over Back To North Korea

It seems that we have all survived the once in a lifetime eclipse. While in some parts of the country it was an event that was not to be missed. In other parts of the country, the effect was somewhat underwhelming however it’s still cool to one day be able to say “I was there.”

Check Out This Awesome DIY Watermelon Keg

I was looking for something to build to add a special touch to my end of the year summer party for labor day and I think I have found it! In my reading, I stumbled across pictures of something that is so simple, it’s genius- a watermelon keg! Not only does this super simple DIY project

The Many Uses of this All American Product

There are some products that come along and while they were intended for one specific use someone, somewhere gets the brilliant idea to attempt to get more than one use out of it. It is those people that we can thank for these amazing life hacks. This next product is one of those items and it

Crafting a Hunter’s Candle Lantern

In a situation where the world goes dark and the supplies you stored for light are either out of range or have been used this lantern makes a great source of light.  While flash lights may be a great idea their batteries may run down and with out replacements, you are left in the dark. If you can scavenge a