Alabama Couple Says Their Baby Was Taken From Them Because Of Their Off Grid Lifestyle

  • Christian and Danielle Holm just wanted to raise their child the best way they knew how. Their long held Christian beliefs dictated that they raise their child according to a specific religious tradition. They were expectant, happy and looking forward to continuing their off grid lifestyle with a little one in tow. Sadly they would not get that chance.

    Just one day after the birth of their child Christian and Danielle Holm of Heflin, Alabama report that their baby was taken from them by a social worker. According to the parents, this decision was based on their alternative lifestyle and religious tradition. Heavy accusations for a country that is supposed to be founded on religious tolerance and acceptance.

    This situation has brought up a tense subject regarding the reach of government as well as the requirement of birth certificates and social security numbers. According to the Holm's in the State of Alabama, it is not a requirement but it was their refusal to issue their child a social security number that created this situation. so let's take a look at page two and the details of this story and see what you think about the topic.


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    1. Scout Driskell said:

      Big difference between living off grid and living in a tent ‘hiking and camping’.

    2. Ernie Holbrook said:

      Remember when we used to say thank God for Mississippi? Now we are last in almost everything. Can you say government overreach?

    3. Cliff D. Flake said:

      If you think that’s bad, the government here in Ontario, Canada is passing new legislation that allows them to take your kids away from you if you refuse to accept their gender as young as grade 3. Yes..if little Timmy comes home and says he wants to be a girl(btw, the government also introduced a new form of indoctrination in the sex ed classes at grade 3 that talk about gender fluidity), he can be taken away if you don’t support it get him the required treatmemt to help him accomplish this.

    4. John Slaughterbeck said:

      No they took your baby because they intend to sell it. How much does the state collect every time a baby gets adopted, about $10,000

    5. Eric DeSantis said:

      The goverment here in pa took my 3 year old because she had a diaper rash.

    6. Mark Whelan said:

      I wonder how many muslim children have been taken from their parents because of the polygamist lifestyle, genital mutilation, honor killings, etc.

    7. Hector Arriaga said:

      If your afraid of the government you should aim to become a “free man in the land”. No drivers license, no social, no birth certificate

    8. Chris Brown said:

      There’s a difference between living off grid and living like a dirty hippie. I would be willing to bet they were living like the latter.