The Many Uses of this All American Product

  • There are some products that come along and while they were intended for one specific use someone, somewhere gets the brilliant idea to attempt to get more than one use out of it. It is those people that we can thank for these amazing life hacks.

    This next product is one of those items and it is something that almost every home in America has in their garage.This stuff helps us in more ways than you’ve probably ever imagined. Did you know, in total, there are over a thousand different uses for this stuff?

    WD-40 is cost effective, comes in various sizes for storage and (if you’re smart) is an essential item to carry in bug-out-bags, emergency kits and around the house.

    The possibilities are limitless! Some uses are hilarious, but it goes to show you the versatility and range of applications of this wondrous little can. So let's keep reading and see what all we can do and let us know what your favorite use is once you've seen these.


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    1. John Brock said:

      A fish oil originally developed as a water displacement for missles.