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Why Every Gardening Enthusiast Should Try Straw Bale Gardening

When it comes to gardening, there’s an endless supply of ideas and inspiration. Just as with fashion, technology and other indutries, there are certain trends that come and go. Most people don’t bother with trying the trends since by definition, their popularity is fleeting. However, certain seemingly trendy planting methods, such as straw bale gardening, are

August is the Ideal Time To Plant These 14 Seeds

When we start to feel the days getting cooler, we know fall is coming and planting season is leaving. However, most of us don’t realize that we don’t need to equate the colder months to a frail garden and a lack of harvest. Instead of giving up and heading indoors when the cooler weather comes,

12 Common Aquaponics System Issues Solved

The beginning stages of gardening include finding a location to grow your seeds and deciding which planting method you want to use. Both of these will depend upon which types of plants you want to have, the amount of space you can allocate and what the garden’s purpose will be. After doing some research, you

The Best Crops To Grow For Every State

On the journey to self-sufficiency, one of the obstacles we have to cross is how to provide ourselves with food. The obvious and most popular choice for those who live off the grid or on a homestead is to plant your own crops. It takes some time and research to learn which crops are the

12 Easy Ways To Ensure Gardens Stay Organic & Rodent-Free

There are many benefits to creating a garden, such as being able to watch those tiny seeds become full-fledged plants that you can use as decoration, as a source of income or as an addition to your daily meals. However, even those with green thumbs have faced plenty of obstacles when it comes to planting. The

Naturally Keep Mosquitos At Bay Using These Herbs

Summer comes with many perks: sunny days, warm weather and tropical vacations. It’s likely you’re spending many days hiking or at the beach and many nights at backyard parties or bonfires. As with most things, we have to take the good with the bad. In the case of summer, the bad means mosquitoes and other