Gardner Has Solution to Snail Problem in his Garden that Has Animal Lovers Upset

  • Gardens take hard work. They take time, commitment and a lot of hard work. There is nothing worse than all that hard working going down the drain due to bug infestations. Sure you can use pesticides but then you run the risk of all of that chemical seeping into your food supply.

    So one gardener came up with an ingenious way to keep slugs and snails at bay. Reddit user WHELDOT mixed high tech knowledge with a simple low-cost way to keep critters away from his hard work. All it takes is some garden wire hooked up to a 9-volt battery.

    He uploaded his idea to the internet and the animal lovers took notice but not in a good way. Animal lovers were highly upset at his methods. Take a look below and let us know what you think. Personally, while the little critter looks annoyed it does not seem harmed so I say if it works it works but to each his own.


    1. David W. Wright said:

      Damn good idea, and no harm done to the snail. What are the fruitcakes complaining about?

    2. Lance Kilkenny said:

      Snail/animal lovers can BITE ME!! I poison the crap out of them! Anyone who doesn’t like it can get me to stop by reimbursing me for the damage caused, the produce lost, the cost of cleanup and the lowering of my property value!

    3. James Lechago said:

      Looks like escargot to me! Garden snails were originally brought from Europe by the French so that they could eat escargot in the new world. If you know how to prepare them, they’re delicious!

    4. Greg Brothers said:

      Want to get rid of snails in the garden? Make a snail bar. A pie pan with beer in it. They love beer,climb in and drink and die.