Using Dawn Dish Soap to Unclog Toilets is Actually a Thing

  • This one still gets me. Mainly because when I hear of these different life hacks I can't help but wonder how in the world people came up with them, to begin with. Did someone clog a toilet one day and thing well I don't have a plunger so let's try some dish soap? I can only laugh because it sounds like something I would get onto my kids for doing!

    I emailed some of my friends this information when I found it and the responses I got back were…well not appropriate for this forum but I'm sure that you can imagine.

    I will admit that the curiosity go the best of me so I started reading up on it and it turns out that this is actually a thing;. Now, I'm not going to grab paper towels and clog up my toilet just to test out the theories I will leave that to Mythbusters but what I did do was compile for you on the next page so you too can decide if this would work for you.

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