The Duct Tape Tool Everyone Needs At All Times

  • One of the best words of advice I ever received was to always have duct tape within arms reach. Duct tape comes in handy in so many situations, but sometimes those situations arise when you don’t have access to this end-all-be-all item that seems to fix just about anything. Instead of having to suffer through broken things, why not build a portable duct tape dispenser that works like a key chain?

    This item takes less than $5 to make and gives you an awesome way to carry around duct tape for all of your heavy duty taping needs that you might run into on the go. It is large enough to help you keep track of your keys while not being too large to that it's completely obnoxious to tote around with you. This little life saver will certainly be a great help to you if you tend to use duct tape on a regular basis!

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