Drone Catches Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

  • All eyes are on Texas right now it's not pretty. The destruction Hurricane Harvey unleashed on the residents of The Lonestar State showed just how much wrath mother nature can unleash. There is not a news station in the United States that does not have round the clock reports on the aftermath. Even days after the winds have calmed search and rescue efforts are still underway with many residents trapped in waterlogged homes unable to seek dry ground.

    Just this morning I watched as a CNN anchor reporting a story heard the cries of a woman who advised that she and her elderly parents were trapped in their home with water up to their waistline. They had been stranded there since the storm began. The anchor and his guide went to help and were able to get the family to safety.

    During a time when political tensions are high and the United States is filled with so much anger, it's nice to see people putting their differences aside and helping each other. It's nice to see convoys of food and supplies being sent, medical professionals helping out their fellow man. There is no thought of right or left, republican or liberal, just people helping out their neighbor because they are in need.

    If only we could have that sense of unity every day. The world would be a much nicer place to live.

    Check out some of the footage collected by this drone and you can see just how desperate the situation is. This is why we prep. This is why we prepare.



    Source: CNN

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