Eating For Survival: Here are 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption

  • The one thing that worries me about any sort of survival situation is being stuck in that moment where there is no other food to consume outside of insects. I am not a fan of bugs nor do I ever have the desire to see what they would taste like. I am aware that in some cultures they are considered cuisine but I think that is also what makes me proud to be an American.

    I have been told that it is merely a learned response and that when push comes to shove, it's mind over matter, but I cannot get past the fact that I pay money to keep these bugs out of my home yet they are somehow safe to consume. I digress.

    When placed in a situation where there are no other options it's always good to know what you can and cannot eat. Eating the wrong thing could end your chances of survival or at the very least make life outdoors and away from conventional medicine seem like an endless nightmare! So let's take a look at the bugs we CAN eat. Oh and check out the video a the end of page two. If you're a fan of Bear Grylls he shows just how hard it can be for even the most experienced survivalists to eat bugs. I will warn you however the video gets a little gross towards the end so if you have a weak stomach I would suggest skipping it.

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    1. Trent Holmes said:

      Tear the back legs off or they will get stuck in your teeth. Also, this grasshopper has not been properly gutted.

    2. Ed Perry said:

      They are great dipped in carmel or cholate or chalola

    3. Mike Leidy said:

      Don’t eat a grasshopper raw head and all .If you cant cook them pop the head off and the nasty bacteria filled innards should come out with the head.

    4. Joshua Blackstone said:

      Beans and rice look like the promised land compared to bug eating , yuck and if they aren’t cooked correctly a person could experience a parasitic infection!:0…..

    5. Joseph Matson said:

      You can kill parasites without cooking them if you let them sit in salt for awhile.

    6. Joseph Matson said:

      If you let the grasshopper sit in some salt for a couple days that normally kills all the parasites so you can eat them raw.