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Want To Buy Goats? Consider This First!

One of the best things about having a homestead is having animals. While yes, they are a lot of work they are usually well worth the effort. If you’ve made the switch to a homestead, then you’re all about living a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. Let the animals help you out! You might lean toward

5 Ways To Live Without Refrigeration

While today almost everything we use is connected to some form of power grid there was a time when things were a lot less…connected. While many have become accustomed to this level of connectivity as preppers, survivalists and homesteaders we know that at any moment with the hit of one button society could be thrust into

[Video] Survival By Paperclip & Other Everyday Hacks

Paperclips are one of those items that never seems to outlive its usefulness. Even as technology advances we find ourselves needing these items in one fashion or another. Chances are you can look around your home right now and eventually you will find one or two laying around somewhere. Over time their usefulness has gone from the

Here are the Top 3 Biofuels For Survival

As time goes on we are finding more and more ways to harness the world around us. Sure the old ways were great and they were able to get us to this point and for many they are still heavily relied upon. Yet as we learn more we are finding that harnessing nature to help

6 Mistakes To Avoid Out In The Wild

We are in a great place right now. I know that some of you, if not many of you would disagree with me on that fact but I say it is great because right now we are still in the calm before the storm. This should be great news to many of you as it

4 Myths About Bartering That are Simply NOT True

Bartering used to be a way of life and in many ways, it is still. Whenever we got to car lots, yard sales, pawn shops you will find many people haggling for what they want. Today it is known as negotiating but the idea is still the same. It used to be that bartering was the

[Video] How To Get Fire From an EMPTY Lighter

Have you ever thought about what to do if the light that you have tucked away is empty? Most everyone I know who is into prepping and survival has more than one way to start a fire stored away in the various nooks and crannies of their bug out bag. In fact, in many cases, they