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5 of the Best Binoculars Under $150 Dollars

5 of the Best Binoculars Under $150 Dollars

When it comes to hunting and survival needing to know what is approaching in the distance is of vital importance. A great set of binoculars is something everyone should have handy. There are a wide range of options to choose from. Everything from large high-tech optics to small, cheaper ones, binoculars come in all shapes and

5 Amazing Projects for 5-Gallon Buckets

When living a self-sufficient life you quickly learn what to eliminate, but also what essential items you can add to make your life much easier. Sometimes, it is as obvious as a few good rolls of duct tape. In this case, it’s 5-gallon buckets. Think about it. 5-gallon buckets can get things done. They are

What To Know About Multi Caliber Guns

When prepping for a SHTF scenario you always want to make sure that you are prepared to the fullest to protect your family and those that you love. We all know that in this particular situation there will come a time when items that were once in abundance are now scarce and life will resort to a

7 Ways Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption

It was brought to my attention that there is one particular disaster that we have yet to discuss. After looking back at our archives, I realized that we have not discussed what someone needs to do to prepare for a volcano. While many of you may say, that volcano’s don’t affect your area you may

7 Out of the Box Uses For Cinderblock

If there is one thing I love it’s finding amazing uses for common things. Cinderblocks are one of those items that I often see laying around in random places and sold in any of the major or independent home improvement stores.  I often wonder, what do people use them for? Sure, there is the obvious

How To Use Pantyhose for Survival

 We have discussed many things on this site. Everything from paracord splicing and weather prediction to what kind of plant to grow for toilet paper. There are so many things that we have covered that it surprised me that we have yet to touch on this one topic…pantyhose. I know, sounds weird right! Coming from a

How To Make A Recurve Bow Out of PVC

When looking at survival weaponry is always a good thing to take inventory of. Guns are great but there will be times when you have to put away that Smith & Wesson and use something quieter. There is also the fact that should the world tumble into a SHTF scenario then ammo will be something you