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4 Simple Steps to a DIY Charcoal Chimney

Everyone loves grilling yet sometimes getting that fire started can be a hassle. I cannot tell you how many times even this summer we have gone to start a fire in the fire pit and we were out of lighter fluid or went to grill and couldn’t find the charcoal starter so a friend of

4 Dangerous Things We Should Let Kids Do

Children are amazingly inquisitive creatures who always seem to find the most dangerous way to do the most dangerous things. As a parent, this sends our heart and our anxiety levels into over drive as we hurriedly try and shield our children from any danger that may befall them. While this is great and we should protect

How To Make A Small Metal Foundry

For the aspiring blacksmith acquiring all of the tools necessary can get quite pricey. There are so many things that need to be purchased that it can be overwhelming, however, there is a simpler solution…DIY With this mini metal foundry, anyone can melt aluminum and repurpose it into all sorts of valuable items that will

Build a BBQ Grill Everyone Will Be Jealous Of

This thing is truly a beast of a BBQ! Summer is the perfect time to construct this monster of a grill. If you are prone to having large get together’s this will cut time at the grill in half! The step-by-step plans for this set-up may not be for the beginner DIY-er however they are easy

The Super Simple Life Hack That Gets Rid Of Pests

Summer is here and that means people are venturing outside to enjoy the warm weather and endless sunshine. With that, however, comes one minor nuisance. A nuisance that can be seriously annoying and even painful if made contact with. Everyone knows what we are referring to, getting dive bombed by winged demons known as wasps.  This

Get Rid of High Blood Pressure With This Common Item

As we get older there are things that we start to worry about. Things that before, we never would have thought twice about. Blood pressure is one of them. Life is stressful and with the current state of affairs, there is a lot of pressure placed on our shoulders. After an extended period of time,

Invasive Toads a Becoming a Major Problem in the South

As if the south didn’t have enough issues with pests. Between the alligators, mosquitos, the humidity and now toads it’s a wonder anyone still lives here. Growing up in the south I remember many things being labeled a pest but now this issue is going beyond the occasional nuisance. It’s become a massive problem and