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“Land of the Free” but Are We Really? New Study Reveals Which States are the “Freest”

“Land of the Free” but Are We Really? New Study Reveals Which States are the “Freest”

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We are all looking for that one place that we can settle down and feel safe and secure. A place where our rights are put first and our freedoms are protectedbut with the way that the world is right now how can we be sure of where

With The Threat of a Nuclear War Which Cities are at Risk?

We do everything we can to prepare for the worst. We stockpile food, water, medical supplies and the like but in all honesty, I don’t know anyone who sits around actually wanting something to happen. Yet right now we find ourselves glued to our phones, tablets, and televisions wondering with the state of things in Syria,

Smart TV’s Have The Ability to Watch People

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Even faster than the likes we have seen before and while on many levels it can be a very good thing especially when used for good. Being able to print out prosthetics for those in need, sustainable housing, and bringing fresh water to those who need it simply through

The Threat Bill Gates Warns About Could Be Devastating!

There is no denying that Bill Gates is a very knowledgeable person. Which is why the warning he just gave is worrisome! There are many changes happening in the world right now. One of these changes is how advanced technology is becoming. Most of the time technology can connect us with people from around the