Smart TV’s Have The Ability to Watch People

  • Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Even faster than the likes we have seen before and while on many levels it can be a very good thing especially when used for good. Being able to print out prosthetics for those in need, sustainable housing, and bringing fresh water to those who need it simply through the sip of a straw. These are all great things that have come from the advances in technology.

    Yet just as with every coin, there is another side.

    There are those out there who wish to abuse the power, they wish to gain from it all they can for themselves and there are even those who wish to hurt others with the advancements that we have made.

    So when we find out things such as the fact that our smart tv's are watching us…well, that makes us wonder, has technology gone too far?

    Let's look at the hack that we should all be worried about. 

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    1. Scout Driskell said:

      I masterbate sitting in my couch……someone needs to pay me for the homemade porn!!

    2. Steve Blackwood said:

      Yes they are watching you as you smoke meth ppl.turning the TV off won’t help.your still being watch.look out the window…

    3. Steve Blackwood said:

      Do you see the lil camera above the screen?they are watching you.smfh this page is so full of s**t

    4. Connie Herrin said:

      I saw a news segment that confirmed this. I know Samsung was one brand they talked about. The report was referring to smart TVs/ Also, computers have a microphone and camera and those can be turned on without your knowledge.

    5. Jay Arnold said:

      technology is a doubled edge sword, good and bad, “they” can also at any point listen to anything you say or around you through your smart phone. there is no such thing as privacy anymore unless you go off grid totally, and even then there are probably was to watch, listen and track your every movement and action

    6. Andrew J Arden said:

      They don’t if you turn off the camera in the settings. If they disable that setting eventually, use tape, paint or the like.