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8 Tips From Our Ancestors On How To Stay Warm

I often wonder if our ancestors knew something that we don’t know. They survived the harshest of conditions with less technology, less money, and less well….everything. They had to find ways to get food, keep it fresh and stay warm all without the use of modern day gadgets. I often say that many people would not

5 Very Strange Reasons To Drink More Beer

I know what it sounds like so before you turn your nose up at this just hear me out. So my friends and I were going to this new opening of a new spot in town where beer is the main focus. It was sort of a mix of a brewery and restaurant but everything on

Junkyard Palace Made of Scraps Draws Large Crowds

My mom and brother went to Reykjavík back in the 90’s, but they never mentioned this stop to me! Chances are, they had no idea it was even there, however, anyone navigating near this portion of the island cannot miss the rusty Viking holding a sword, a six-foot tiki statue guarding an entrance or a house made

How To Throw A Combat Knife

Anyone who owns a knife has at one time or another tried to throw it in such a way that it sticks to the target perfectly and without a lot of spinning. These same people have also found that this task is a lot more difficult than it looks. What we have found is that

The Weird Ways Our Ancestors Kept From Freezing To Death

There are times when we are reading the history books that I often wonder “how did they do it?” I have become so accustomed to the luxuries of life in the modern age that I wonder how our ancestors survived without the simple things I take for granted everyday! Things such as indoor heating! I know

The Rifle Musket Gets a Bad Rap…But Should It?

Some People Are Rethinking the Longheld Views on This Weapon! The Civil War created wartime casualties like nothing ever seen before, with estimates ranging from around 600,000 to 800,000. This has long been thought to be due to the adoption of the rifle musket, which was supposedly more accurate than the previously used weapon, the