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After 10K Hours in a 700 Year old Cave Man’s Off Grid Home is now Complete

After 10K Hours in a 700 Year old Cave Man’s Off Grid Home is now Complete

We all have dreams, desires, and goals that we want to accomplish before we leave this earth. There are things that we have promised ourselves, promised others and are just sitting there, in the back of our minds unrealized and unstarted. There are often times I wonder to myself what it would take to actually

Man Charged with 2 Felonies After Scamming Hunters

There are many people out there today who live by the motto “Work Hard Play Harder.” Many of these people that I know personally are avid hunters. They are hard workers who have good jobs and support their families and all they ask is for understanding that hunting is in fact the one thing that they

20 Maps That May Prove to Be Useful

As DIY’ers and preppers, we know the importance of mapping your surroundings. I am a visual learner so when I stumbled across these I was floored by some of the information found. It’s always great to look and see what is going on around the world. Now I will be the first to admit that

50 Pronghorn Die From Ingesting Poisonous Plants In Idaho

Among the strange happenings of this past week includes the death of herd of 50 pronghorn antelope in Payette, Idaho. Four of the bodies, which were discovered just outside of town, were sent into the lab for further testing. Turns out it was the consumption of a poisonous bush, Japanese yew, that led to their untimely