Banish Raccoons From Any Property With These 7 Tips

  • Most property owners have had at least one experience with a certain furry, bandit-looking creature that seems to get into everything: the raccoon. Due to their wily tricks, they can end up in your yard, your trash and even your home if you're not careful.

    You don't want to wake up one morning to find that a raccoon has destroyed your trash or go to bed at night hearing a raccoon scratching at the walls of your home. Instead, you can take certain measures to keep raccoons at bay without hurting them and without costing you a lot of money.

    Keep reading to view 7 tips to ensure raccoons will not become regular visitors on your property!

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    1. Wesley Strickland said:

      You can get rid of these pesky critters using these 3 tips:
      1.) Get A Dog
      2.) Get A Gun
      3.) Get Cooking Supplies

    2. Tony Barone said:

      I was just going to say “Does one of those ways include a gun and a tanning kit”.

    3. Danny Cyr said:

      12gage long barrel with 000 steel buck, full choke and sight laser.

    4. Anonymous said:

      Why keep them away, just eat them! Love me some$#%&!@*and taters.

    5. Danny Cyr said:

      The added precision allows me to shoot Varmints off my coops at 100ft without breaking any windows while half-asleep..)