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How To Tell If Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon

If the worst were to happen and we’re faced with the aftermath of a SHTF event, we may find ourselves having unwanted interactions with other people. On an ordinary day, this wouldn’t be an issue. However, after a crisis, people tend to react irrationally and unpredictably. They’re more likely to carry a weapon and unfortunately,

Quickly Create a Survival Fish Hook From a Soda Can

As you step out of your camping tent after a night in the wilderness, you realize your food supply has been stolen by a sneaky animal, possibly a bear. Since you’re going to need food sooner or later during the rest of your outdoor adventure, you begin to panic. Hunger was not a planned part

Save Time & Money By Following These 5 Old-Fashioned Tips

These days, we’re programmed to want the latest and greatest in technological innovations whether that’s the newest cell phone, computer or TV. We often forget that those things cost us both time and money. It can simultaneously tie up our bank account and prevent us from doing other necessary tasks. While we’re eternally grateful for the

Stockpile These 7 Things For Survival Gardening

When SHTF, we tend to scramble. We make hasty decisions and do things without weighing the consequences. This is why stockpiling becomes one of the most important tasks. It’s your Plan B when SHTF and the grocery store becomes a no-go. You can stockpile all of the canned goods you want, but what happens if those