Why Artificial Intelligence Could Alter Our Society & How We Can Prep For It

  • As a species, humans are quick to gravitate toward the latest advancements in technology. The second a new phone, car or other intriguing item becomes accessible, we flock to it. Even self-driving cars are becoming a viable option! There are numerous technologies available today that people couldn't imagine were possible decades ago.

    Another is artificial intelligence. While it's cool to watch a robot solve a game puzzle and do mundane tasks such as manufacturing jobs, we have to realize that it's just the beginning. Companies across the globe are developing generations of robots that are becoming smarter and smarter.

    While they may not physically be able to overtake the human species, there are other consequences we need to consider before pushing further in the AI world. We need to ask our several questions: How likely is it that AI could cause damage to our structured and generally stable society? How far in the future could such an event occur and how can we possibly prep for it? Luckily, Elon Musk has already considered the answer to many of these.

    So, continue on to learn how artificial intelligence could disrupt our society and how we can prep for it!

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