How To Make a Solar Powered Ice Maker

  • We all love the brighter, sunnier days and outdoor activities that come with summer. However, we love the heat much less. Not only can the hot temperatures be uncomfortable, but they can turn into a health nightmare, causing dehydration and heat stroke.

    So, the preferable way to cool off in the summer is either via air conditioner or even better, a pool. Still, there’s an easier way to make sure both you and your drinks are cold for when the heat strikes: a DIY off-grid ice maker. It's not only affordable and easy to construct, but it harnesses power from the sun in order to work. In addition, it only uses 90 watts of energy per hour so you can be sure to keep both your costs and power usage low, which is particularly important if you live off the grid. 

    Let's take a look at how to make this off-grid ice maker along with the solar panels that power it!

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    1. Marty Wynn said:

      Any recommendations from anyone on the best solar panel system in the “$200 or less category”?

    2. Joseph Herring said:

      This is not making anything. It’s just hooking up an ice maker to solar panels