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3 Reasons Raised Beds are the Ultimate Way to Garden

Every Gardener Needs to Try This Method! If you’re like us, you spend all winter looking forward to warmer weather and when you can finally start your garden. There are certainly several benefits to gardening, including enhancing your mood, becoming more self-sufficient, and even having more control over the quality of food you eat —

Turning Regular Garden Soil Into Organic Potting Mix

Gardening can be an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating task. The ability to watch your seeds grow into colorful flowers or usable herbs is rewarding. A yard or patio can be transformed into an oasis through a flourishing garden. However, it can equally frustrating when your plants don’t last as long as they should or fail to

How To Grow “No Soil, No Maintenance” Houseplants

When we decorate and furnish our homes, we think of the staples: couches, dining and coffee tables, picture frames, beds, lamps, etc. Sometimes, we’re so focused on creating the ideal color scheme and functional set-up that greenery might be an afterthought. On the other hand, you might be someone who loves gardening, but travels too

Strange & Common: Vegetables Planted By Our Ancestors

Imagine a world without grocery stores. Those aisles full of endless products have suddenly disappeared. What would you plant in your garden to survive? On first thought, you’ll probably think to grow tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, corn, etc. Our ancestors had other ideas. The ability to garden wasn’t simply a hobby or a way to relax

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Starting Seeds

Gardening can provide such a relaxing and quiet refuge amidst the stress of the world. It’s rewarding to watch small seeds grow into strong and healthy plants. Oftentimes, these plants then give back by providing you with nutritious food or colorful foliage. Whether your garden is struggling or is doing just fine, there are a few common

How To Garden When There is No Room To Garden

Just because we all may not have the yard of our dreams doesn’t mean we can’t have the garden of our dreams! The ability to grow that bright and nutritious garden can require much less space and fewer resources than you might think. A garden not only provides us with our own healthy food, but

Get The Most Out of Your Soil With These Simple Steps

When planning your garden there is one thing that everyone must consider and that is the soil. So often people will start gardens and they will take no time at all to prepare the soil before they just jump into the planting. While this method isn’t wrong per say if you want to get the