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DIY Buckskin Knife Sheath

DIY Buckskin Knife Sheath

Show Off Your Hunting Knife With This DIY Sheath If you enjoy leather crafting, there are plenty of materials you can use for your projects, including tanned deer hide. In fact, what better way to show off your hunting skills than to make a one-of-a-kind creation using buckskin from something you successfully stalked and bagged

This DIY Still Is Surprisingly Easy to Make

There Are Tons of Uses for This Handy Contraption When you think of a still, you may think of distilling alcohol, but that’s just one use for this piece of equipment. In fact, you can also use it to transform salt water into drinking water. How cool is that? We recently discovered an inexpensive and

How to Build a Custom AR Hunting Rifle

You’ll Get More Out of Your Shooting Trips With A Customized Rifle There are plenty of high-quality, powerful and versatile hunting rifles, so many that you can find a rifle for pretty much any purpose and any skill and experience level. In fact, if you’re new to hunting you can find the ideal rifle for

Try These 2 Simple Tips to Catch More Striped Bass

These Simple Little Tricks Will Really Up Your Fishing Game! If your fish of choice happens to be striped bass, then you’ve probably found that catching these elusive creatures can be, well, a bit challenging…which is probably a massive understatement. Striped bass often lurk behind trees or boulders, and may even hang out in eddies

How To Survive a Nuclear Fallout? Where To Hide.

These Tips Could Just Save Your Life! Just a few decades ago, the threat of a nuclear bomb seemed like a very real possibility, what with tensions between the United States and several other countries, and new technology that made such a damaging bomb possible. This kind of a weapon would do a lot more

Light Up the Backyard With These Solar Powered Pipe Lights

These Attention-Grabbing Lights Add a Little Something Special to Any Outdoor Gathering Warm weather is upon us, which means it’s also the season for outdoor entertaining. And now that the temperatures have heated up, you don’t have to limit your outdoor activities to the sunny daytime hours. In fact, there’s something rather romantic about spending

How to Make a Push Dagger

Every DIYer Needs One of These! Whether you’re a DIYer who likes to have a wide variety of tools, or you’re a survival enthusiast who wants to make sure you’re always prepared for whatever situation you might encounter, a push dagger is a valuable addition to your toolkit or arsenal. These handy little knives are