2 Safe DIY Ways To View Next Week’s Solar Eclipse

  • With all of the commotion, city planning and vacation days people are taking on Monday, you would think that there was an exciting holiday or national milestone being celebrated. Instead, everyone is literally going out of their way to ensure they are within a solar eclipse's path of visibility, despite the eclipse itself only lasting a couple of minutes.

    If you're fortunate enough to find yourself in a position to see the solar eclipse on Monday, you'll witness a breathtaking phenomenon. The downsides are the traffic and of course, the fact that you could be blinded by the sun's rays. There are eclipse glasses you can purchase, but you might find them largely unavailable at this point or at an absurdly inflated cost. Why not make your own viewing lens? It's just as safe as those glasses and will be particularly easy to make if you like cereal or potato chips!

    Continue on to learn 2 different ways to DIY a solar eclipse projector! Both ways are easy and inexpensive!

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