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The Shocking Things We Can Learn From the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

The Shocking Things We Can Learn From the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

This coming Monday will mark a long-awaited event by scientists and civilians alike. No, it’s not an important holiday or the landing of a space instrument on a faraway planet. Instead, it’s a rare solar eclipse that can be seen within a certain geographic range across the U.S. The fact that the solar eclipse could be

Walk Through This Soviet-Era Bunker Frozen in Time

There are certain periods of time in our world’s history that seem particularly daunting: the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War I and II and of course, the Cold War. The escalation of tensions between the U.S. and the USSR made us feel especially frightened due to the potential use of nuclear weapons. As a

Jurassic Park May Have Been Wrong About the T. Rex

It’s the movie that involves oversized, prehistoric dinosaurs with plenty of sudden moments that make you jump. You may have even found yourself sweating while watching the plot line. That dinosaur movie would be Jurassic Park, of course. Not only do we rely upon this classic movie for entertainment, but we also consider it a

The Most Insane Things Built With Legos

There are certain things that seem to stand the test of time: monuments, religion and even Legos. While Legos may not have had the longevity that many monuments and religions have experienced, the colorful and inventive toy has been around for decades and is synonymous with childhood. Many of us have fond memories centered around