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A Young Man Died While Venturing Off Grid: 6 Things We Can Learn From It

A Young Man Died While Venturing Off Grid: 6 Things We Can Learn From It

There are always dangers associated with off grid living. There are things we cannot foresee, things we cannot plan for. The wilderness can be a very dangerous place even for the most experienced outdoorsmen. That is exactly what 29-year-old explorer David Austin when he set out from a small town in England to survive for one

The Sun is Warning Us To Prep For a Grid-Down Situation

The solar system and its surrounding universe has an infinite amount of activity, only a tiny percentage of which we’re actually able to understand and track. NASA and other agencies are constantly making efforts to gather research on the neighboring planets, moons and stars. The sun, for example, has been a focus of intense research

How To Barter When SHTF

When SHTF, you become instantly reliant upon your stockpile that you worked so hard to keep safely stored. You never know how long you’ll be without resources like electricity, water and access to healthcare and grocery stores. However, there may come a time in the aftermath of that disaster when you may need to barter.

7 Ways To Prep For A Financial Crisis

When we prep for an unexpected crisis, we usually do it with a natural disaster in mind. Depending on our location, that might be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc. However, in today’s tumultuous environment, we might be better off prepping for a financial crisis. You might think that would just require keeping your money hidden and