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The Basic Principles Behind A Good Gas Mask

This One Thing May Just Save Your Life! Most dedicated Preppers and survival enthusiasts have a thorough plan for if a catastrophe occurs, as well as a complete emergency kit to help them survive everything from a power outage to environmental contamination. However, not everyone includes a gas mask in their kit, or even thinks


If Disaster Strikes, You Want THESE Foods In Your Pantry!

This Should Be the First Thing On Your Disaster Checklist! Should the unthinkable happen, we’ll not only have to consider safety and shelter, we’ll also have to figure out how to eat. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a human-caused event, we may found ourselves without food, especially if people clear out the grocery stores


How To Throw A Combat Knife

Anyone who owns a knife has at one time or another tried to throw it in such a way that it sticks to the target perfectly and without a lot of spinning. These same people have also found that this task is a lot more difficult than it looks. What we have found is that


How To Make a Generator From an Old Washing Machine

A generator is always a good thing to have around unfortunately not everyone has an unlimited budget to deal with. The cost of most generators can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and many of them are dangerous – they require careful maintenance and need to be monitored; you have


How To Turn Salt Water into Drinkable Water.

The worst thing ever is to be dying of thirst and the only water around is salt water. Everyone knows that saltwater is virtually undrinkable. I mean “technically” you can drink it but it will only serve to work against you. So my advice would be to NEVER drink salt water in any amount! and throwing


Want To Survive an EMP Attack? If So, Do This!

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is something that most survivalists or those who are living off the grid already know about. The general public seems to be blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding this concept. The thing I find terrifying is that this is not just something that can occur due to a manmade event, but


Know How to Start a Fire After it Rains

There are times when I wish we could control mother nature but alas that power does not reside within my grasp. This, of course, makes camping or any sort of outdoor activity a bit stressful when nature does not cooperate and the skies open up and release rain all over all beautiful outdoor weekend. There