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The Top Health Threats That Could Be Fatal After SHTF

Movies and television shows like The Walking Dead have popularized the idea of an apocalypse. We often jokingly think about the desolate society that would appear in the wake of such a disaster. Sure, the concept of fighting against zombies or battling for food makes for quality entertainment, but how well off would we actually be

The Must Have Pistol that Shoots Any Caliber

So let’s say the worst happens. Let’s say that society has collapsed, regardless of choice everyone is living off the grid and production has halted on…well pretty much everything. We are now living as if this is an episode of The Walking Dead (hopefully minus the zombies) While right now it may seem the choices

5 Tips To Prepare With Before a Home Invasion

The best defense is being prepared for anything and in today’s uncertain times this fact has never been more important. We can stock up food, go over our emergency escape routes and have a separate bug out location for when things hit the fan however what do you do if the trouble comes to you when

This is the Best Way to Make a “Get Out of Dodge” Plan

This Simple Strategy Can Make All the Difference! With the world getting more unpredictable every day, it’s more important than ever to have meticulously planned and carefully executed escape plan. You never know when a SHTF situation might unfold, forcing you to flee to safer or potentially less populated areas to either wait for the