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Survival Eating: The 3 Worst Foods from Mother Nature That You Should Still Eat

Survival Eating: The 3 Worst Foods from Mother Nature That You Should Still Eat

We have researched all aspects of hunting and gathering. We have planned, prepped and studied up on all things associated with living in a post-collapse society yet there is one thing that we have yet to discuss. What to do when the tasty food runs out. Yup. There may actually come a time when the

Knowing The Knife Laws Where You Live

One may think that carrying a pocket knife is something that is pretty harmless and well within everyone’s rights as citizens but did you know that not every state allows this. Each state has its set of rules and regulations regarding what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to carrying a knife.

5 Reasons You Should Be Stockpiling Bleach

In preparation for the unexpected,  it’s always a good idea to stockpile things that you know are going to benefit you in the long run. Obviously, things like food and water are good resources to have. A way to bring light and heat to your home, weapons for self-defense and a set of emergency supplies

Man Charged with 2 Felonies After Scamming Hunters

There are many people out there today who live by the motto “Work Hard Play Harder.” Many of these people that I know personally are avid hunters. They are hard workers who have good jobs and support their families and all they ask is for understanding that hunting is in fact the one thing that they

Butterfly Knives: Everything We Need To Know

This User-Friendly Knife Is One of Our Favorites! A butterfly knife may just be one of the world’s most perfect knives, as well as a valuable addition to your knife collection. That’s because these versatile knives are easy to conceal, and are also known for being extremely quick and easy to deploy. So, if you

5 Self Defense Weapons Everyone Needs to Know How To Use

Let’s look at 5 self-defense weapons that are worth having available and ready for use against attackers. Taking all measures to ensure the survival of your family when things go wrong is one of the most noble things you can do. However, it will all amount to nothing if you are not prepared. Having faith

2 Minute Heated Cover Everyone Should Have

Surviving in the wild can be harder than most people anticipate. You have to anticipate everything however the cold air can come quickly and the last thing you need is to get frostbite. The moment you get chilled your body starts to shut down and your ability to think clearly starts to falter. This starts